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Get the perfect foundation for your metal projects with 1030 Grey Primer. This top-quality primer provides a smooth, durable base for your paint that adheres to structural steel properly prepared non-ferrous metals.

  • Aluminium / galvanised steel – MUST be pre-primed with a suitable etch primer.
  • Can be top coated in 1-8 hours without sanding.
  • Overnight top coating requires only light 360g sanding.
  • Fills in surface imperfections for a smooth finish.
  • Creates ideal surface for paint adhesion.

As an industrial-grade shop primer designed for metal fabrication and auto body work, 1030 Grey Primer excels at covering bare structural steel. It provides a uniform surface that paint can grip onto. Whether you're priming a trailer chassis, tool chest, or metal art project, this versatile primer has you covered. Apply with confidence for long-lasting paint durability.

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