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Carmaster GP 2 Pack Clearcoat is a two-pack acrylic urethane clearcoat designed for use as a general repair clearcoat.
It is formulated to give good gloss off the gun and is easy to polish and is designed to be used for multi panel and overall repainting.


2 Parts Carmaster CC-9550 Clearcoat

1 Part Carmaster CH-5100 Hardener

10% Carmaster CS-3800 Reducer

 1.5LT Kit Includes:

  • 1LT CC-9550 Clearcoat
  • 500mls CH-5100
  • 250mls CS-3800 Reducer

7.5LT Kit Includes:

  • 5LT CC-9550
  • 2.5LT CH-5100
  • 1LT CS-3800 Reducer

CC-9550_Carmaster GP 2 Pack Clearcoat Technical Data Sheet

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