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A long-running reputation for versatility and strong, reliable performance has seen EPO Epotec Primer Surfacer become a market favourite for dealing with a vast range of substrates, from structural and new sheet steel, to aluminium, fibreglass, masonry, brick and concrete.

  • Easy sand-ability of this epoxy primer surfacer. Sanding dust comes away cleanly and does not clog the abrasive surface.
  • Widely used for hot rods, custom cars, prestige restorations.
  • Perfect for protecting the bodywork during the build process.
  • Once fully cured and sanded, body filler can be applied on top.


4 Parts Epotec Epoxy 

1 Part EPH20 Hardener

0-20% EXR20 Epoxy Reducer

 1.25LT Kit Includes:

  • 1LT Epotec Primer (Pick 1 of 3 colours)
  • 250mls EPH20
  • 250mls EXR20 Epoxy Reducer

5LT Kit Includes:

  • 4LT Epotec Primer (Pick 1 of 3 colours)
  • 1LT EPH20
  • 1LT EXR20 Epoxy Reducer

Epotec Primer Surfacer Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

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