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Never paint over a dirty surface again with the Tack Cloth, the innovative solution that leaves a dust-free zone for flawless painting. This specially coated cloth picks up all sanding residue and loose dust particles, ensuring you achieve a smooth, professional finish. With just a few wipes, it grabs and holds dust that normal rags leave behind.

Key Features:

  • Special "tacky" coating attracts and lifts dust.
  • Leaves surfaces completely clean and dust-free.
  • Creates the perfect surface for painting.
  • Disposable and easy to use.

Give your paint jobs a smooth start. The Tack Cloth lifts away all the dust and debris that brushes and rags leave behind, creating the ideal dust-free surface for painting. The secret is the unique tacky coating that grabs and holds dust particles that would otherwise get stuck in the paint. Simply wipe down the surface before you begin, and enjoy hassle-free, professional results.

Perfect for DIYers and pros alike. Get smoother finishes and skip the frustration of painting over dust. The Tack Cloth takes the work out of preparing surfaces for a flawless painted finish.

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