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Stop wasting paint and money - get the cleanest, smoothest finish with our premium paint strainer.

  • 190-micron strainer removes lumps and impurities from paint.
  • Fine mesh filters out particles to prevent clogs and jams.

Achieve professional results with our high-quality paint strainers. The ultra-fine 190-micron mesh catches clumps, skins, and debris in the paint, ensuring you get a smooth, lump-free and flawless finish. Just place the strainer over your container and pour the paint through - it's that easy. No more ruining projects with drips, globs, splatters or uneven coverage.

Our paint strainers are a must-have for all painters and professionals. Quickly improve the quality and consistency of any solvent based paint for smooth flow and application. Save time and frustration while taking your painting skills to the next level.

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